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We are Fighting Back!!!

We are Fighting Back!!!

My last blog “A Call to Arms” was a little while ago but now I am pleased to say i have an update. I asked you to join me in raising some funds that could make an immediate difference to the APU I have worked with in the last couple of years. A big thank you to those who donated and hopefully some of you will join in soon. I have recently purchased one of the above Night Vision Units which I will be taking and testing in the field during my next tour in September. NVU’s enable the rangers to have clear vision in very low light situations which allow them to have the upper hand whilst in the bush at night time.

I will update you with news on the field tests once i return. If suitable we will buy a further 5 of these NVU.

Stay with us folks and do something positive to protect our wildlife.

Please help us buy more equipment by donating via PAYPAL to

Alex J Jackson

Thanks for you help.