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Time To Explore New Routes

Time To Explore New Routes

For the past 6 months I have been working on some new routes around South Africa. I have been riding there for 15 years and still haven’t managed to see it all.

Back in Sept 2012 I had a meeting with SANParks to discuss the viability of running some motorcycle tours within the National Parks of which there are over 20!! So in February and March of this year I am heading down there to work on some routes and check accommodation. This is of course one of the hardships of this job…..

I have already managed to secure a bike for the trip from our long term partners Cape Bike Rentals in Cape Town and I am now working out a route that will allow me to see as much as possible without having to ride a huge amount of miles every day and miss things out.

The ultimate aim of this trip is to introduce tours that will show the natural beauty and wildlife aspects of South Africa, which is already considered by many, to be second to none.

Alex JacksonI will be working on the route maps for the next week and will keep you updated as I go forward. I am also hoping to be able to Blog/Tweet from the locations as I travel around for those who want to see.

Check out Sani Mountain Lodge. This is so going on the list!!