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Inspiring Adventure Motorcyclists

Dom Giles

domgilesgoneridingWhy give up a good job and ride 30,000 miles through 18 countries?

Ordinary people can accomplish extraordinary things and in 2010, Dom Giles was determined to break out of the rat race and do just that. Bravely, he gave up his job as a History teacher to follow his dream: to explore the world from the seat of a motorcycle and try and make a positive difference as he went along.
One year later he returned a changed man. He’d changed his attitude towards life, he’d changed his view on the world and he’d even changed the oil on his bike, once. Dom learned more from his adventure than he could ever have imagined.

“The world is a wonderful place; people are kind and helpful and we must do more to solve the global problems we are faced with. On one level travelling like this may be a selfish, self-indulgent luxury but it can also be a force for good in the world. If all global leaders were forced to take a year out to travel the world by motorcycle wouldn’t the world be a better place? So, ‘Why?’ is the wrong question. We shouldn’t need a reason to explore our world. This is our planet, our life, our time. The question shouldn’t be ‘why?’, it should be ‘why not?’ Get out there are travel!”

Norman and Maggie Magowan

Norman Magowan“The lure of the open road is embedded deep within our modern psyche; many dream of setting off with the sun on their back to chase the distant horizon, few dare to venture. Norman & Maggie Magowan, stunted from birth by a meagre diet of Guinness and stew, dared to chase that horizon when they strapped on a pair of unfeasibly large BMW motorcycles and set off to ride from Chile to Alaska. Their story is now told in two books…”

Graham Field

Graham Field“The hardest part of any journey is getting to the port, loose ends tied up, lists all crossed off and if they’re not it’s too late now it doesn’t matter. From this point on you are living in the moment, fully immersed, fully appreciative, and that’s when you realise the journey has begun.”

Cathy Birchall and Bernard Smith

Touching The World“Having ridden across six of the world’s great landmasses, Africa now constantly calls to us from a continent full of beauty and diversity. If you are like us, then let the planning begin to turn you own dreams into reality.”

Published in September 2012, TOUCHING THE WORLD is the extraordinary story of Cathy Birchall, a blind woman, who set off with her companion Bernard Smith to become the first blind person to circle the world on a motorbike.

Bob Goddard

Bob Goddard“Exploring foreign countries on bikes can be the most exhilarating form of adventure travel, and double the fun if you share it with your partner or a small group of like minded riders. South Africa is a must-see destination after our New Zealand and Eastern European trips.”

Sam Manicom

Sam Manicom“Time for an awesome adventure? South Africa is home to some of the most stunning motorcycle roads in the world. There’s a wonderfully eclectic mix of superb tarmac, gravel and pure off road to be enjoyed. There’s something for everyone and all skill levels. It’s an area that’s packed with fascinating history too, but there is a problem. The scenery is so stunning that you’ll be torn between the buzz of the ride and soaking up the views. I wonder why I keep going back??…”

Lois Pryce

Lois Pryce“My ride from London to Cape Town was truly the most exciting thing I have ever done! I met many wonderful people, rode some seriously crazy roads and saw beautiful country, wild animals and birds – the best way there is to see these things – on a motorcycle. People ask me if my ride through Africa changed me and I can genuinely say it did – it was raw, wild and exciting, and made me glad to be alive. Do it!”

Austin Vince

Austin Vince“If you’ve only got a few weeks off work then trail-riding around South Africa has got to be a great way to spend it!”

Paddy Tyson

Paddy Tyson“Paddy Tyson was born in 1969 amid the incessant rain of north west Ireland and has been travelling in search of the sun ever since. As a child, evenings were spent reading ‘The Times Atlas of the World’, flicking through coach tour brochures, or staring at the world map on the living room wall, eager to locate anywhere just mentioned on the TV news. His first road trip, across North America in 1976 with his mum, sealed his fate as someone who would forever want to see over the next horizon, off the beaten track and wholly independent. A motorbike licence was the obvious key to achieving this, even though during his first big bike trip he hadn’t technically managed to get one…”