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Immediate Action

Immediate Action

As many of you will know I have recently returned from the reserve in South Africa where over the past couple of years i have been working alongside the APU ( Anti Poaching Unit ) there.

Whilst there this time I along with the head ranger was able to carry out a field test of the Night Vision Kit that we purchased with donations kindly made by some of you.

The results were very good and I have made a commitment to the APU to supply another 3 of the units in the near future. For that to happen we will need more donations so if you or anyone you know would like to come on board to help us fight the bad guys then your help will be much appreciated. You can either donate directly to Kaapstad Motorcycle Tours or via PayPal using as the email.

Once we have raised the monies needed to buy the NV units we will then start to raise more funds to buy two Honda 150 motorcycles for the APU to use during patrols.

This will make an immediate difference to the guys on the ground and help them keep our wildlife safe from the poachers.

Thanks in advance folks.


PS. Please excuse the dodgy photo but i was in the pitch dark trying to use my iPhone….