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Finding Angie’s “G” Spot

Finding Angie’s “G” Spot

Set half way between the old town of Uniondale and the coastal town of Knysna on the wonderful Prince Alfred Pass is a most welcome watering hole. The area is known locally as De Vlug and holds the mystery to the whereabouts of Angie’s “G” Spot.

In the 15 years I have been riding and touring around South Africa this is almost certainly one of my favorite passes to ride. Starting high in the mountains and winding for some 88km’s down to the coast passing through forestry areas and high high mountain ranges with beautiful waterfalls it takes ages to complete the route. The time is not spent riding hard technical roads, its at the side of the road taking in the breathtaking views stretching across the Western Cape/Eastern Cape boundary.

AngieThe first time I rode the route was back in 2004 when De Vlug was a simple road junction by the river with one old building. Now it is the home of Angie’s. Having ridden the road down from Uniondale it is a welcome sight for a cool drink and to sit by the river. I remember stopping there one time with a group of clients from UK and whilst they were sipping their drinks under the water mist spray enjoying the scenery I took that moment to ask the question of Angie that she had been asked a thousand times before…” What on earth possessed you to name this place Angie’s “G” Spot?” Her reply had the guys in the group falling off their seats and the ladies sniggering and pointing to their partners, ” When I first opened up a lot of guys couldn’t find it……” She left it there!

Angie HaroldThis wonderfully home built establishment is owned and run by Angie and her partner Harold both larger than life characters who I would suggest if ever you are in the area you visit and just take the time to chat and soak up the tranquility that surrounds this beautiful place.

Of course you could always join us on our next visit during a Springbok Tour.