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You can have The Shirt Off My Back

You can have The Shirt Off My Back

For the last three years I have been collecting the autographs of Adventure Motorcyclists who’s travels I have admired and been inspired by.

I have traveled around South Africa many time over the past 15 years and this shirt has been on many trips with me. OK so you probably wont wear it when you go round your Moms for Sunday lunch but you may just want to own it for the collection of names that I have on it.

Norman MagowanSam ManicomThe names include the likes of Ted Simon, Paddy Tyson, Sam Manicom, Tiffany Coates, Austin Vince, Lois Pryce and lots of others. A super collection of some of the best authors and adventure motorcyclists you could wish for. You can see a selection of books by some of these authors HERE.

JUBILEE HAVENI am auctioning this shirt to the highest bidder so that i can help raise some funds for a small boys home in South Africa run by Child Welfare. The home I have in mind is for boys between 10-14 that have drink and drug addiction but cannot be put into main stream rehab for fear of further abuse.

If you would like to be the proud own of this shirt then please either send a bid to me via Facebook or email me directly Currently the bid is sitting with the very generous Stace Martin @ £50.00

Happy Bidding