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A Walk in the Park

A Walk in the Park

One of my reasons for doing this trip is to visit as many of the South African National Parks as I can to see about their suitability to include them in Kaapstad Motorcycle Tours future itineraries.

Ebb and FlowLast night I stayed at Ebb and Flow on the outskirts of the village of Wilderness which is situated on the N2, the main route from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth in the Eastern Cape. I have been taking clients to Wilderness for many year since I first discovered it way back whilst there with a friend. It’s friendly little village centre is a hub for diners in the evenings.

Ebb and Flow is split it to two parts, North and South. I stayed in the Southside in a family style cabin which looked out across the river and above is the forest covered mountains. The park boast many walking trails ( which I would have loved to have checked out if I have had more time…..) as well as the chance to explore the river and its inhabitants by canoe.

Rolling thunderThe roadway to and within the park is excellent condition making it ideal for all types of bike from cruisers to dual sport. The atmosphere is friendly and relaxed and it is only a short ride along the twisty roads into the centre of the village for food and supplies. This camp is almost certainly going into our “Rolling Thunder” tour when in Wilderness.


So this morning the routine was pretty much the same. Check the oil and
top up slightly. Start the bike, stop the bike and now put the oil plug back in….clean myself up of oil now running down my right leg. Start again….top up oil!! Breakfast in my new favourite diner Cocomo’s and then Start heading East for today’s rather short ride. the roads where very quiet today for some reason and in no time I found myself at the highest Bungee Jump in the world….before you ask….don’t be ridiculous of course I didn’t!! But I did take time to have a look around the cultural village which is on the same site. The village show the life past and present of the Khoisan people who where the main indigenous people of the Western Cape. Well worth a visit if you survive jumping 716ft attached only by knicker elastic.

Storms river camp So onward to my next National Parks accommodation. But before I get there just a thought…..there is a toll over the bridge on the N2. Way does it cost the same for bikes to cross as it does cars and small vans with trailers??? Moan over. I soon reached my destination of Storms River Mouth Rest Camp. Oh my word what a location. Go look it up on google maps. It’s is set right on the coastline with the mountains behind and forests all around. The main accommodation seems to be log cabins of varying sizes. It has a shop a restaurant and small bar which are a short walk away from the main camp.

Kaapstad toursI have seen already about 30 dassie in the rocks and what I am sure was a pair of Black Eagles soaring over the cliffs. This afternoon I took and slow stroll via the walkway along the cliffs and through the forest to the suspension bridges. Well worth the walk of around 1 km give or take 1000 steps.

In many ways I wish I had longer to spend in these camps to really get a feel for them but I know already that this camp will be a winner purely for the location alone. Just to prove that point it has been included in our “Ride The Rainbow Nation with Sam Manicom” tour which is starting 27th October this year and has already sold quite a few places.

Dining in the restaurant tonight and an early night for me as tomorrow I am planning some big miles ( big for a KLR anyway). Going to call in to Port Elizabeth and see an old friend from back in the London days then see if I can get myself up around Queenstown. No accommodation booked for the next few days so see where I end up. #southafricatheAJway. I’ll let you know how it goes next time.

For those who wish to know…..I am sure it was close to 30C here today. 🙂

Don’t worry about what you ride…….just ride!