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A Taste Of South Africa In London

A Taste Of South Africa In London

During my 6700km solo ride around South Africa earlier this year I was fortunate enough to stumble upon a 7/11 grocery store that was selling bunny chow

Only ever having heard about this I was duty bound to buy one and try it later that day for my supper. bunny Chow?? That’s like rabbit food right? I guess originally with it being a vegetarian dish the name suited it. But now with many different varieties available it is fast becoming a massive hit with food lovers everywhere.

The tail of the bunny started back in the 1940’s when workers would take their left over food from the evening before to their work and eat it for lunch. Dishes such as curry where wrapped in a bread and taken to the fields. Over time the bread was developed into a loaf which with the centre removed would have the curry poured into it and eaten.

I was very impressed with my first bunny and so when yesterday I saw a twitter post from @TraceyHtastes a well known South African foodie I had to get myself down to Sheperds Bush tube station and try one again.

What was it like?? Brilliant!! In fact I have brought two home for tonight’s supper! Check out Bunny Chow on their website and see where they will be in the next few days.

Treat yourself…’re worth it!

From a full and happy