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A Call To Arms

A Call To Arms

I make no apologies for the photo. This is the reality of what I am asking you to help fight against.

Yes you can make a difference!!

Back in 2013 I put together AJ’s Ride for Rhinos which was aimed at raising awareness across my friends and contacts about the major issue of Poaching within Southern Africa and indeed the globe.

I rode some 10,000kms around Southern Africa solo and hopefully many of you would have followed the blogs as I rode.

At the end of 2013 some 1004 Rhinos had been killed by poachers in South Africa alone!! By the end of 2014 that number had risen risen again. So is what we are doing working?? At first glance it would appear not but in real terms if you look at the number of arrests year on year they are increasing also.10891863_10152749520094132_3065755633421854500_n

I am a firm advocate of raising funds for the charities that are behind protecting all animals from poachers and abuse and some of you maybe aware that my company Kaapstad Motorcycle Tours makes a donation to every time we sell a tour. I believe that the work done by the big charities is invaluable to the longer term solution. Certainly Helping Rhinos look at the big picture when they distribute the donated funds not just to the immediate poaching problems but to education programs abroad where the end users of the products are.

I however am in a position, via my contacts, to make an immediate difference by helping a team of guys on the ground. They are out there everyday risking their lives to try and protect these animals. I have been fortunate enough to train alongside a small, dedicated team of rangers who are responsible for anti poaching patrols in their area. They patrol their area with less than basic equipment and do this mostly unarmed. This team will never see a significant donation of funds for equipment from any of the global charities.

I want to raise an amount that will REALLY make a difference. I have budgeted that a sum of £4,000 would buy enough kit to make the job of these guys better. I know these guys personally and they don’t want their job easier….they just want to be able to do it far more effectively and efficiently.

The reserve is very big and to do foot patrols takes just too many man hours, so at the moment they are using a couple of very old motorcycles….when they are running. I would like to be able to raise funds that will see these “ old nails “ replaced with bikes that are trouble free and work when they are asked. I also want to be able to supply some night vision equipment, which will make the night patrols 1000% more efficient as at the moment night patrols only find intruders by chance. All these items and more can make such an immediate difference to the effectiveness of this dedicated team.

You will notice that I have not mentioned the location of this team. That is done on purpose as it is intelligence that could be counter productive in the long term. I am calling on you to put your trust in me and my background and join me in making this positive difference. Maybe others will follow us!

I will of provide regular updates on funds raised and of course on how they are spent.

Donations can be sent via PAYPAL using as the email.

Thank you

Alex J Jackson

Alex J Jackson